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Trillium Retirement Living

Laugh Every Day, Live Every Moment

It's more than just a saying, but a way of life at Trillium Retirement Living. It is this mindset which facilitates our holistic approach to resident care and community support. Our logo symbolizes the three pillars of self that represent our core values which drive our mission, and vision, to be your home of choice.

A person holding hands with an older man.

Experience Compassionate Senior Living

A yellow hat with an image of a brain on it.
Green (Mind)

The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experience, to think, and to feel.

A black person is standing in front of a red background
Red (Body)

The element of a person that is to experience the world through physical touch, taste, and sound.

A green background with an image of a plant.
Cyan (Soul)

The element of a person that is not physical and experiences the world through deep feelings and emotions.

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Health Assessment

An admission assessment is a Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority requirement, to ensure Trillium Retirement Living will be a good fit for you. We pride ourselves of the seamless transition from your previous home to your new home. To have an efficient admission process, we need to set a time and conduct the assessment prior to signing a residency contract. The assessment is easy and only discovers what you need in order to get the most from Trillium Retirement Living.


We have been recognized as providers of significant value to our residents. This value is not only measured by a monetary measurement, but also an atmosphere that promotes a genuine sense of community. The community is not limited to the residents that live within our Homes, but also the families of the residents that reside there.

A man and woman sitting on the couch together.
A woman and an old lady giving thumbs up


Community focused, we believe that respect is crucial in how we operate our homes. Respect is promoted by ensuring our residents are involved with decisions we make in our day-to-day operation. This is furthered by an understanding we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you. We foster an environment with our staff to enforce an ideology of working in the resident’s home, as they do not live in our work.