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Trillium Retirement Living offers senior, independent and assisted retirement living residences, where we believe that growing old doesn’t mean you stop having a quality lifestyle.
Currently, Trillium Retirement Living offers 3 residences located in London, Midland and Stayner where our professional, friendly staff are committed to providing safe, welcoming homes with personalized care and services. Here residents enjoy comfortable amenities, delicious meals and an events calendar filled with opportunities for fitness, fun, creativity and connection and we encourage, family and friends to join their loved ones in the daily activities provided.

Trillium Retirement Living is a big professional family committed to providing its residents with a nurturing home environment that is filled with happiness and friendships.
The provision of a safe and comforting home that inspires friendships, engages our residents in new experiences and supports a healthy lifestyle.

Laugh Every Day Live Every Moment at a Trillium Retirement Living residence

Our Team

Each Trillium Retirement Living residence is led by an experienced management team including an Executive Director, Manager of Culinary Services, Manager of Health and Wellness and Manager of Recreation. We are proud to employ a dedicated team of employees and we welcome your feedback to improve our service standards.

Brett Rushlow

President, Trillium Retirement Living Inc.


Kathleen Granitto

Executive Director, Maple View Terrace - London


James Laite

Executive Director, King Place - Midland


James Laite

Executive Director, Blue Mountain Manor - Stayner



1Why would I want to move to a retirement community?

Here are just a few reasons, why you should consider relocating to a Trillium Retirement Living residence:

  • You no longer have the stress of keeping the yard maintained, shoveling the snow, doing the laundry or worrying about house maintenance and repairs
  • You have your own private suite in a safe and comforting environment while our professional staff can provide a little extra care and support when needed
  • You will be served three nutritious meals daily and snacks and refreshments are available throughout the day
  • You will enjoy companionship and have a ready-made social life with plenty of opportunities to stay active with a range of classes, programs and excursions
  • You have access to a variety of great amenities such as a fitness area, games and craft rooms, lounge, gardens and outdoor patios, chapel, library, hair salon and theatre room
2How do I choose a retirement community that’s right for me?

Our professional staff are here to help you decide if a Trillium Retirement Living residence is the right fit to keep you living your life your way:

  • Schedule a tour. By visiting, you’ll get a sense of the residence, and be able to describe your lifestyle and ask how the residence will meet your needs. Bring a family member or friend and arrange to attend a few activities and try a meal or two. Visit at different times of the day, and talk to residents and staff so you get to experience the Trillium Retirement Living family focused lifestyle. Click Here to BOOK A TOUR.
  • Consider the most important factors, usually:
    1. LOCATION – proximity to friends, family, and what’s important to you in the community
    2. SERVICES – like dining, laundry, housekeeping, etc.
    3. AMENITIES – like a fitness room, games room, lounge, gardens, library, etc.
    4. PROGRAMS – do the recreation and wellness activities interest you; and
    5. CARE – do the support services meet your needs.
Contact us at Trillium Retirement Living 1-844-459-2273. We would be pleased to answer all your questions and forward information on our residences.
3Will I be able to do what I want, when I want?
This is your home, so you can come and go as you please and remember to bring decorations and furnishings from your home to give a personal touch to your private suite. 

Trillium Retirement Living residences are located close to shops, restaurants, parks and other areas of interest so you can remain active in the community. Your family and friends are welcome to participate in any of the activity programs, join you for a meal in the dining room or stay for an occasional in-suite overnight at your residence. Some activities will require pre-booking and charges may apply.
4What is your approach to care and different levels of assistance at the same residence?
Our caring and friendly staff are committed to helping you live life to the fullest by providing a full range of personal care options that support who you are and how you want to live. Registered staff will work collaboratively with you and your family to develop a personal health and wellness plan that will be reviewed regularly to ensure success. At Trillium Retirement Living we offer multiple levels of care at the same location to support you as your needs change and couples don’t have to be separated just because one needs additional support.
5What amenities and activities are provided?

Activities at a Trillium Retirement Living Retirement residence are designed to give you choices to continue with a favourite activity, or experience something new to enrich your life. The offerings at each residence can vary but all are designed so you laugh every day and live every moment to the fullest.

Our recreational staff also coordinate excursions, shopping trips and other organized outings on a regular basis. Check out the calendar of events page at your residence of choice: LONDON, MIDLAND, STAYNER.

All residences boast a wide range of amenities including a dining room, lounges, libraries, theatres, fitness centres, craft rooms, chapels, hair salons, outdoor patios and gardens and much more. Each residence provides housekeeping and laundry services.

Check out all the offerings at the residence of interest: LONDON, MIDLAND, STAYNER.

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